Monday, December 14, 2009

Toys, Alternative Gifts, and Local Creativity

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Join DJ Local, Jeff the Rooster, and The Farmer's Marketer as we discuss holiday gifts, toys, alternative gifts, and local creativity. Our first guest was Tiffany Threadgould who told us about local activity book toy company GiddyUp where she previously worked for four years - GiddyUp products, designed by folks right here in Ann Arbor, can be found at most major books stores and stores like Target. Next, Tiffany told us about her current work with her own company RePlayGround (where you can find ReMake It recycling kits, DIY projects, and an amusing blog) as well as work as head designer at TerraCycle. Apparently, she has a role in an upcoming show next year on National Geographic Channel called Garbage Moguls - so stayed tuned for that.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties at WCBN with the online stream, we only have access to the last 40 minutes of this show and do not have audio for the interview with Tiffany Threadgould. You can however listen to a previous interview with Tiffany Threadgould in the bottom half of the hour on It's Hot In Here on 1/19/2009.

Next (and available on the above audio) we hilariously speak with Jonathan b. Wright (also a former GiddyUp designer) who is a local expert, illustrator, and "fairy-ologist". He knows an awful lot about the local urban fairy phenomenon, of which Ann Arbor seems to be an epicenter. You can find out a lot more at including getting some nice stuff that helps finance his research.

We tried to speak with representatives from the Ecology Center to hear about their testing toys for toxins work. Alas, we accidentally hung up on them (sorry!) so you'll have to peruse their website for that content.

Lastly, we speak with Britten Stringwell regarding all that is The Yellow Barn here in Ann Arbor, including the Art in the Barn holiday sales and monthly Bizarre Walk and Dances. Email for more info and get on the email notification list. (You can also become a fan or join the "organization group" on Facebook - just search The Yellow Barn.)

As an outro song we played the newly released "Senate Baby!" written and performed by WCBN's own It's Hot In Here co-hosts Rachel Chadderdon and Gina Gettum/Jennifer Johnson joined with EcoTones (SNRE faculty) Steve Yaffee and Rebecca Hardin. Tune in to WCBN Dec 21 at noon to hear more, but you can download your copy at a UM Copenhagen climate talks blog.

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