Monday, December 7, 2009

Social Venture Creation, Appropriate Technology, & Wolverine Cuizine

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Join DJ Local, Jeff the Rooster, and The Farmer's Marketer on the last day of November. First we talk with Moses Lee about a new course at the University of Michigan: Social Venture Creation - a new multidisciplinary course. Next we check in with John Barrie of the Appropriate Technology Collaborative who tells us, among other things, to vote for them in the Chase Community of Giving.

In the bottom half of the hour we are joined in the studio with Arielle Isackson and Veronica (Nikki) Thompson. They are the "co-editors in chief" of a new student-run "blogazine venture called Wolverine CuiZine.

Throughout the show most of our musical interludes are from artists who will perform as part of the Shadow Art Fair on December 5th.

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