Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day, Creative Media for A2, Alternatives to Grass Lawns

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Our Memorial Day show talks about Jeff The Rooster's desire to generate more creative media in the Ann Arbor area. Creative commercials for cool stuff in Ann Arbor. Creative cartoons for all the cool stuff in Ann Arbor. He extremely serious. Please contact him if you are interested in helping or have ideas at ideas[at]arborama[dot]org.

Some of Jeff's favorite 'toons online: The Meatrix and Grocery Store Wars.

Additionally we are joined in the studio by Cecile Green of Heart and Soul for the second half of the show when we talk about modern day Victory Gardens and creative alternatives to grass on your little patch of this world.

Our show was also peppered with some local music including:
Charlene Kaye, Anna Ash, and some tunes from the album Something Fresh.

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